What is Tally Course?

Tally is basically a computer software which is widely used for accounting purposes by small and large scale industries It is an accounting software where all the Banking & Auditing, Accounting works are done with the help of the software. After completing the Tally Course, the applicants get open to countless job opportunities like admin executives, account executives, audit executives, and many more.
Here we are going to spell you out about Tally Course with the complete information that is applicable for the Course. The Tally Course is of 3 months regular-based course.
The Tally Course eligibility criteria is-candidate have to be 10+2 with a qualified aggregate/have a basic knowledge of business management/graduate from the commerce field. Tally Stand for Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards. This article will help you to gain knowledge about its fee structure, what are its uses, career in Tally, and many more.

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Why We Needed Tally Course Certificate?

You can record transactions required for your business by creating and maintaining masters, vouchers, and generating reports. It is a standard business accounting software provided by Tally Solutions. It also permits you to carry out and manage all of the major accounting operations in your business
. With its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, Tally Enterprises Resources Planning(ERP) is a very easy intelligible product with a complete business management solution.
Tally Course provides easy-to-use accounting features that permit you to record business transactions easily and instantly. Tally, which stands for Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards is an Accounting software used to generate reports easily and also for Accounting purposes.

  • Balance Sheet and P&L
  • Multi-currency
  • Interest Calculation                                                
  • Cost Centres and Profit Centres
  • Cheque Management
  • E-Payments
  • Cash and Fund Flow
  • Bank Reconciliation

The Core Features Of Tally:

  • Accounting.
  • Billing. 
  • Sales and profit analysis.
  • Banking. 
  • Inventory. 
  • Taxation (GST, TDS, TCS).

1.    ACCOUNTING: In Tally, ERP Accounting is Considered to be the most important feature. When someone hears about Tally the first thought that comes in mind is about tally is the accounting.
2.    BILLING: Billing is a significant part of the business. Whenever you pass an accounting entry synchronously a bill is generated which can be used for raising or sending the invoice.
3.    PAYROLL: This feature is used when you are having a good number of employees. In order to maintain payroll in tally, functions like employee categories, employee groups, attendance, pay heads and course employees are used.
4.    INVENTORY: Stock Maintenance is of great importance when it comes to business. It's important because it gives better control on business sales hence the movement of stock is an integral part that can be kept under control.
5.    BANKING: In this stage of digitalization, without banking, no business can survive. TDS GST both direct and indirect tax can be calculated axiomatically and its returns are also filed online with the help of Tally ERP.

We Covered in TALLY

1.    User interface and company Management
2.    Master – Ledger, Group, Inventory.
3.    Different Vouchers
4.    Day Book 
5.    Pre Allocation of Bills 
6.    Goods & service Tax (GST)
7.    Gst Report 
8.    Billing Features
9.    Purchase Order
10.    Bank Reconciliation 
11.    Misc. Topic